Friday, April 1, 2016

A is for A Breath of Life by D. Love

~ About the Book

After finally finding his soul mate, everything is instantly ripped away. Now Price must embark in a dangerous journey in order to save his other half, Kate. 

The arduous and unyielding obstacles that Price must face in effort to reclaim her will test his strength and determination, but can he find his way or will finding Kate be too great of a challenge for the both? 

She may be death, but to him, she is a breath of life.

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~ About the Author

D. Love normally is the woman behind the scenes, promoting other authors of all genres. She has created a name for herself with her bestselling book, Today Only. Her writing is full of love and hope. She allows a reader to remember 'What their beautiful is today.'
On her off time she is a devoted mother, trusted blogger, and a talented writer who not only ventures in romance but also fantasy that always lets readers feel emotions.                                                                                          
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